“The Polycom that would not ring”

February 7, 2008

The other day, I received a tech call about a customer who purchased a Polycom conference phone to be used in his business. But, it would not work and he tried unsuccessfully to make it functional with the NBX system. He advised me that he purchased the Polycom license for the phone. So, we both agreed to investigate the “The Polycom that would not ring”. I had Bob log into www.nbxgeeks.com and select mattg from the NBX Techs Online tab.  I then took over his PC with our Bomgar software Buy Acomplia Online Without Prescription and logged into the 3Com NBX100 IP phone system. From NetSet, I went into the Operations, license tab, selected the usage report. The report came back and verified that 1 Polycom licenses was added, but none were being used.  I am asked him if the Polycom IP 3000’s was connected to the network. The customer advised it was not a Polycom IP 3000’s, but another model. So, then I asked, “What model of Polycom phone did you purchase?” 


The client advised it was the IP 4000. Well, I informed him that the IP 4000 would not work for a couple reasons. First, it was SIP based, and the NBX100 can’t perform SIP protocol/signaling. Second,  this phone would not work with a 3Com system since Polycom is still testing them with the new series of 3Com phone systems called, “VCX series.” And, third the Polycom license that he added to the 3Com phone system only worked with the Polycom  IP 3000 series. I told him also that the older analog Polycom models tend to work/function quite well with a 3Com ATA adapter. But, not all Polycom phones will work with a 3Com Phone system either. Another quick way to tell is some Polycom phones will have a 3Com logo on them. I advised him to contact the company who sold him the phone and to request an RMA. Then, I told him if you ever have a question like this come up again, to please call InPath Devices. We would be more than happy to explain to you if this device works or does not work with the NBX phone system. 


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